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Lunch Talk Series

The Lunch Talks are BACK! We are thrilled to finally be able to re-launch this series in person after more than 2 years.

Next Talk

Thursday, October 20, 2022, 11 AM

Engineering human neurons: Building preclinical models to study treatments for mental disorders

by Moritz Mall

Hector Institute for Translational Brain Research &
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

Host: Gorjana Rackov, BioMed X Group Leader

Upcoming Talks

Thursday, November 17, 2022, 11 AM

Speaker TBD

Host: The DKFZ Postdoc Network

Thursday, December 15, 2022, 11 AM

by Mark Robinson

University of Zurich

Host: Mojca Frank Bertoncelj, BioMed X Group Leader

Past Lunch Talks

Date Title Speaker Company / Institute Host
15 September 2022 Not so nice to C you again: mesenchymal tissue priming drives flares in chronic inflammation Markus Hoffmann University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein &
University of Lübeck
Mojca Frank Bertoncelj
30 June 2022 Dimethyl fumarate inhibits tumor growth and metastasis formation
in NF-κB dependent tumors
Karsten Gülow University Hospital Regensburg, Germany Gorjana Rackov
19 May 2022 Size matters: How does the planarian flatworm know it has grown enough Hahn Vu EMBL, Heidelberg DKFZ / Postdoc Network
27 February 2020 Dissecting selective protein degradation in health and disease Anton Khmelinskii IMB Mainz, Germany Bachir El Debs
16 January 2020 Shaping Chromatin Structure in Development and Transcriptional Regulation Aleksandra Pękowska Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS, Poland

Michał Ślęzak

19 December 2019 Understanding Cilia-Mediated Autophagy in the Central Nervous System Olatz Pampliega Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience, Spain
21 November 2019 Pathogenic Impact of the Interplay of Inflammation and Blood Vessels in Colorectal Carcinoma and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Michael Stürzl Medical Immunology Campus Erlangen, Germany DKFZ / Postdoc Network
17 October 2019 Gene Regulation Mediated by Non-Coding RNAs, RNA Binding Proteins and RNA Modifications Gunter Meister University of Regensburg, Germany Jan Mauer
19 June 2019 Primary and Secondary B Cell Activation Jürgen Wienands Georg August University Göttingen, Germany John Lindner
16 May 2019 A Role for the Bone Marrow Niche in Regulating the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Response to Stress Hematopoiesis Tiago C. Luis Imperial College London, United Kingdom DKFZ / Postdoc Network
18 April 2019 Mapping, Screening, and Modeling Cellular Traits Leopold Parts Sanger Institute, United Kingdom Balca Mardin
21 March 2019 Novel Insights into the Roles of Epigenetic Enzymes and Readers in Health and Disease Albert Jeltsch University of Stuttgart, Germany Renata Jurkowska
7 February 2019 Where There is No Doctor – A Mobile Health Approach Walter Karlen ETH Zurich, Switzerland
17 January 2019 Photoreception beyond Rods and Cones Robert Lucas University of Manchester, United Kingdom Michał Ślęzak
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