SIG Career Development

Fellowships at BioMed X are limited to a defined project term. During this period, all fellows focus their attention on biomedical research as well as personal growth in order to get ready for their next big challenge in academia, industry or a startup. The Special Interest Group “Career Development” is a grassroots initiative of BioMed X fellows organizing events and training courses to learn about different career paths, potential future employers and to acquire the necessary skills to take the next career step after their BioMed X project is completed.



Date Speaker Role Company / Institute Topic
May 2021 Dr. Thomas Rückle Head of Research BioMed X Institute Seminar
April 2021 Dr. Christian Tidona Founder and Managing Director BioMed X Institute Seminar
September 2019 Monica Sevillano Sales Support Central/ Eastern Europe Promega Coporation Seminar
June 2019 Dr. Nadja Pfetzer Head of Volunteer and Patient Management CRS Clinical Research Services Seminar
February 2019 Dr. Peter Reinhardt Team Leader, Cell Programming& Transduction Laboratory AbbVie Seminar
November 2018 Dr. Alexander Licht Technology Scout Roche Diabetes Care GmbH Seminar
September 2018 Dr. Kathrin Brenker Co-Founder OptoBiolabs OptoBiolabs Seminar
July 2018 Dr. Sameh Eid Principal Scientist- Research Informatics Merck KGaA Seminar
May 2018 Dr. Silke Hobbie
Dr. Paul Nicklin
Dr. Jürgen Braunger
Dr. Stephan Glund
Director BD&L Respiratory
Director Research Beyond Borders
Team Leader Translational Medicine and Biomarkers
Team Leader Clinical Pharmacology
Boehringer Ingelheim Career Day
March 2018 Dr. Laura Gasparini Tau Pathobiology Area Leader AbbVie Seminar
January 2018 Dr. Amelia Viana Associate Director Discovery Research Coordination-
External Innovation
Boehringer Ingelheim Seminar
December 2017 Dr. Christian Tidona Founder, Managing Director BioMed X CV-Writing Workshop
November 2017 Dr. Barbara Janssens PhD Career Manager DKFZ Seminar