SIG Tools and Methods

At the BioMed X Institute, we are working with different state-of-the-art research tools and methods, emerging from the different research projects. As a Special Interest Group driven by BioMed X volunteers, we continuously grow our internal spectrum of laboratory tools and methods and organize training courses and seminars on new technologies to broaden our scientific thinking and to improve the technical skill sets of our fellows.


External Seminars/Courses

Date Tool/Method Company / Institute Speaker
September 2021 The Ins and Outs of Messenger RNA Electroporation for ex vivo Immune Cell-Based Therapy Janssen Immunosciences Center in Bersee, Belgium / University of Antwerp Prof. Vigor Van Tendeloo
May 2021 Establishing and maintaining good connections Into action Coaching Dr. Nicole Tschierske
July 2020 Label-free and fast single cell analysis using Raman-Trapping-Microscopy CellTool GmbH Dr. Hesham Yosef, Dr. Karin Schütze
May 2020 Nanolive imaging: Live Cell Imaging with the 3D Cell Explorer Nanolive SA Dr. Jamin Jung, Technical Sales Specialist
March 2020 Seminar 2 of the series: Complete Solutions for RNAseq Lexogen GmbH Lukas Paul, PhD – Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Mariaux, PhD – Business Manager DACH
March 2020 Seminar 1 of the series: Transcriptomics in Medical Research German Cancer Research Center Dr. Cihan Erkut, Division of Applied Functional Genomics
February 2020 Future DNA technologies today Twist Bioscience
July 2019 HTRF Reagents and Custom Services for Life Science Research (Immunology, Oncology, Neuroscience and more) Cisbio Dr. Sandra Gültner, Reiner Hein
June 2019 From bench to bedside: Horizon Discovery supports therapeutic discovery and development Horizon Discovery Dr. Johanna De Castro Arce
March 2019 Measuring cell energy production to assess whole- and sub-cellular phenotypes Omnilog Dr. Enrico Tatti
September 2018 Decoding the phenotype with next generation proteomics – Quantitative tool for deep functional insights into the proteome Biognosys Dr. Karel Novy
July 2018 Flow cytometry and mass spectrometry fell in love: Introducing Mass Cytometry – the best of both worlds Charite Berlin Dr. Desiree Kunkel
February 2018 Seahorse XF Analyzer: measuring metabolic engines & fuels Agilent Technologies Dr. Werner Kammerloher

Internal Seminars/Courses

Date Tool/Method Company / Institute Speaker
January 2019 Graphic Design for Biologists BioMed X: Team IAA Dr. John Lindner
December 2018 Electrochemical Techniques 101 BioMed X: Team NBB Dr. Óscar Gutiérrez-Sanz
June 2018 Äkta – Protein Purification BioMed X: Team OBD Dr. Balendu Avvaru
March 2018 Generation of iPSCs/ differentiation into neurons and astrocytes BioMed X: Team TNA/ BMP Drs. Dolores Del Prete and David Schöndorf
November 2017 CRISPR 101 (for beginners) BioMed X: Team DDC Paris Roidos
October 2017 Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) BioMed X: Team IMT Dr. Matthias Schröder