BioMed X Institute Launches Ukraine Refugee Funding Program

  • ‘Ukraine Refugee Funding Program’ offers research opportunity for doctoral students or master-level researchers at BioMed X Institute in Heidelberg, Germany
  • The program addresses doctoral students and master-level scientists in the field of life sciences 

Heidelberg, 18.05.2022. German independent research institute BioMed X announces today the start of its ‘Ukraine Refugee Funding Program` that supports doctoral students and master-level researchers in the life sciences who cannot continue their work at institutions in Ukraine. In collaboration with some of its partners, BioMed X aims to give these scientists the opportunity to continue their work in a research group at the BioMed X Institute in Heidelberg, Germany, for a period of up to four years.

Thomas Rückle, Senior Vice President and Head of Research at the BioMed X Institute: “The situation in Ukraine is a tragedy which requires a joint effort to offer support and help. Our BioMed X Institute is a place where early-career scientists are given the opportunity to develop themselves. Together with some of our partners we launched this funding program because we sincerely hope to provide a scientific home for some of the researchers who cannot continue their career in Ukraine.”

Ideal candidates have a master’s degree, as well as research experience, in either molecular/cell biology, bio-organic chemistry, pharmacology, or physics. German language knowledge is not required. Both Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian citizens are welcome to apply, provided that they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Further information on the funding conditions can be found on the BioMed X website at To learn more about the application procedure, visit our Career Space at