January 7, 2014 @12:34

BIOPRO: BioMed X GmbH – An innovation centre in Heidelberg at the interface between academia and industry

BioMed X GmbH, founded in Heidelberg in March 2013, and Merck KGaA from Darmstadt have established a new way of fostering innovation at the interface of academic biomedical research and pharmaceutical industry-based research.

Teams of top young and talented scientists from leading academic institutions worldwide carry out product-oriented research and development projects that are funded by the industry and for which they receive guidance from experienced mentors. The young researchers bring their own ideas to the projects and also have the possibility to publish their findings. After a fully funded project period of two to four years, successful projects are either internalised into the development pipeline of the pharma sponsor or spun off into an independent start-up company.

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