“The Scientist Entrepreneur-Course” – Enabling tomorrow’s Healthcare Innovators

Learn how to develop and pitch a business idea in life science!

“The Scientist Entrepreneur-Course” will broaden your skillset to turn scientific discoveries into innovations that will impact the lives of many people and patients. Within just a few weeks, you will learn how to develop and pitch a business idea in life science. Equipped with entrepreneurial frameworks, you will experience immersive group work by simulating a startup founder team. The course consists of five lectures and four presentation rounds and is aimed at students, PhD candidates and postdocs.

The course currently takes place twice a year (Medical Faculty Mannheim and University of Heidelberg). In the winter semester, it is offered as part of the Master’s programme Molecular Biosciences at the Faculty of Biosciences at the University of Heidelberg. The BioMed X Institute actively fosters and supports this event.

The Goals

The course enables you to understand the steps from discovery to a diagnostic or therapeutic product. It is intended to provide you with skills and a mindset to promote the development of an entrepreneurial culture. Completing the course you will be able to

  • have a basic understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation including intellectual property and venture capital financing of startups
  • receive guidance how to come up with a viable and compelling business idea
  • pitch their business idea in front of a critical audience

The Content

Five lecture sessions cover the business model canvas (approved in many courses at Stanford University, Columbia University, and MIT), innovation management, the concept of product-market fit and the basics of startup financials.

All participants will be grouped in “founder teams” to jointly work on dedicated business ideas. Each founder team will receive a current research article/patent about an invention in the field of life sciences or health technology as a basis for a business idea to work on. All the teams will develop an investor’s pitch as needed to raise a funding round for their startup.

The course concludes with four presentation rounds where every founder team will present their startup idea for 15 minutes, and run a 30 minutes Q&A session and receive feedback from the whole group. Each team will get a video recording of the presentation for self-evaluation. Important: you must not miss more than one lecture and more than one presentation round. And you can of course not miss the presentation round of your own team.

Since the capacity is limited, a registration is required.

The Heidelberg Team

We are active members in the regional innovation ecosystem and have been fostering entrepreneurship and teaching the startup ecosystem ever since 2013. To date about 400 scientists participated in our courses at Heidelberg University (Faculty for Biosciences and Medical Faculty Mannheim). In addition, we continuously support our alumnis successfully in their further entrepreneurial endeavours.

Dr. Christian Tidona
Founder & Managing Director
BioMed X Institute

Eva Markutzik
Senior Innovation Consultant

Dr. Bodo Brückner
Coordinator Life Science
Accelerator Baden-Württemberg

“The Scientist Entrepreneur-Course” 2020

Due to COVID-19, this year’s course will be held completely online on the following dates:

October 14, 17.00-19.00h
Lecture 1:
October 28, 17.00-19.00h
Presentation round 1:
December 10, 17.00-19.15h
Lecture 2:
November 04, 17.00-19.00h
Presentation round 2:
December 15, 17.00-19.15h
Lecture 3:
November 11, 17.00-19.00h
Presentation round 3:
December 16, 17.00-19.15h
Lecture 4:
November 18, 17.00-19.00h
Presentation round 4:
December 17, 17.30-19.45h

The registration for this semester’s course is already closed. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming courses.

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