“Molecular Systems Engineering with DNA”, Prof. Dr. Hendrik Dietz, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hendrik Dietz, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Host: Dr. Balendu Avvaru, BioMed X

About Hendrik

Hendrik Dietz is among the world’s leading researchers in DNA nanotechnology. His team uses DNA as construction material and programs it to assemble into nanometer-scale devices for applications in biomolecular physics, biological chemistry, and molecular medicine.

Simultaneously controlling the relative position and orientation of multiple molecular objects is a notoriously difficult task owing to thermal fluctuations in solution. Molecular self-assembly with DNA is one of the most attractive routes for enabling this feat, and as a result has opened completely new avenues for scientific and technological exploration.

The Dietz’s lab investigates how to build increasingly complex molecular structures using DNA, and have demonstrated multiple molecular devices and machines that are capable of executing user-defined tasks. They have also pioneered new fabrication methods and design principles to make the synthesis of complex DNA structures much faster and more efficient, paving the way for the industrial application of synthetic DNA objects.