Learn how to develop and present a business idea in life science.

Biotech Entrepreneurship Training Program

The Biotech Entrepreneurship Training Program (BETP) is a compact course for students, PhD students, and postdocs in Life Sciences & Health Technology at Heidelberg University. Participants acquire a basic understanding of intellectual property, innovation, and economic value creation from academic research results. Furthermore, they learn how to develop a viable and compelling business idea and how to present the business idea to a critical audience.

An interdisciplinary team from BioMed X, BioRN Cluster Management, and German EIT Health has taught more than 100 participants from nine different institutions in the Biotech-Cluster Rhine-Neckar.

Biotech Entrepreneurship and Leadership Lectures

Biotech Entrepreneurship and Leadership Lectures (BELL) is a bi-weekly interactive lecture series offered by Heidelberg University, where successful biotech entrepreneurs and business leaders share their experiences and lessons learned with students and early-career scientists.

About Heidelberg

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