Meet inspiring people from science and business at the Heidelberg Campus.

Lunch Talk Series

In the “Lunch Talk Series”, group leaders from BioMed X Innovation Center and the PostDoc Network of the German Cancer Research Center invite renowned life science researchers to join them for a scientific exchange.

Biotech Entrepreneurship and Leadership Lectures

Biotech Entrepreneurship and Leadership Lectures (BELL) is a bi-weekly interactive lecture series offered by Heidelberg University, where successful biotech entrepreneurs and business leaders share their experiences and lessons learned with students and early-career scientists.

Biotech Entrepreneurship Training Program

The Biotech Entrepreneurship Training Program provides an in-depth introduction to entrepreneurship with a focus on biotechnology / medtech for Master’s students, PhDs and postdocs.

About Heidelberg

Heidelberg is home of Germany’s oldest university and of many renowned research institutes.

The German Cancer Research Center, the National Center for Tumor Diseases, the Center for Molecular Biology, and the European Laboratory for Molecular Biology count among the leading research institutes for genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics.

Scientific Events in Heidelberg

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Campus Networks

BioRN Network


The BioRN Network association connects science and business. It promotes the development of the biotech region into one of the leading life science clusters in Europe.

BioMed X has been part of the BioRN Network since 2013.

DKFZ PostDoc Network

logo_dkfzPostDocs of BioMed X are invited to participate in activities of the DKFZ PostDoc Network, such as networking events and scientific workshops.

Since October 2015, BioMed X and DKFZ PostDoc Network regularly host a scientific networking event, the “Lunch Talk Series”. · PostDoc Network

Core Facilities: EMBLEM

logo_emblemEMBL Enterprise Management Technology Transfer GmbH (EMBLEM) is an affiliate and the commercial arm of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). Established in 1999, EMBLEM identifies, protects and commercializes the intellectual property developed in the EMBL-world, from EMBL-alumni and from third parties. EMBLEM facilitates and accelerates the transfer of innovative technology from basic research to industry by working closely with industrial partners spanning the biotech, pharmaceutical, IT and engineering markets to develop new diagnostics, drugs, therapies, machines and devices.

Infrastructure: Technology Park

logo_technologiepark-heidelbergWithin its 80,000 square meters of rental space at five different locations, with more than 80 local companies and research facilities, Heidelberg Technology Park is one of Germany’s most important biotechnology centers and a world leader. The recently-opened fifth site is part of Heidelberg’s new Bahnstadt district, where housing and high-tech go hand in hand in an attractive neighborhood. The Skylabs facility offers 20,000 square meters of flexible office and laboratory space.