SIG Tools and Methods

At the BioMed X Innovation Center, we are working with different state-ot-the-art research tools and methods, emerging from the different research projects. As a Special Interest Group driven by BioMed X volunteers, we continuously grow our internal spectrum of laboratory tools and methods and organize training courses and seminars on new technologies to broaden our scientific thinking and to improve the technical skill sets of our fellows.


👤 Chair:

Dr. Jing Zhang

👤 Founder:

Dr. Ebru Ercan Herbst


Dr. David Schöndorf
Dr. Benjamin Mielich-Süß
Dr. Oscar Gutierrez
Dr. Rakesh Santhanam
Maria Bichmann

Twist Bioscience: “Future DNA technologies today”
on February 13, 2020, 12:00 @ R583-1
Twist Bioscience has developed a proprietary silicon-based manufacturing process capable of synthesising over 1 million DNA oligos (per chip) in a single run. Those oligos subsequently become Pools for CRISPR Screens, Clonal Genes, Gene Fragments, as well as Variant and Combinatorial DNA Libraries that exactly match their rational design. Automation and scale allow for cost reductions which translate to lowest prices in the market, while at the same time reducing environmental footprint significantly .
Twist is uniquely positioned to support researchers and their efforts by providing precision at a scale that is otherwise unavailable and such enables for new applications that help realize scientific innovation and opportunities ahead.

External Seminars/Courses

Company/Institution Time Tool/Technique Speaker
Agilent Technologies February 2018 Seahorse XF Analyzer: measuring metabolic engines & fuels Dr. Werner Kammerloher
Charite Berlin July 2018 Flow cytometry and mass spectrometry fell in love: Introducing Mass Cytometry – the best of both worlds Dr. Desiree Kunkel
Biognosys September 2018 Decoding the phenotype with next generation proteomics – Quantitative tool for deep functional insights into the proteome Dr. Karel Novy
Omnilog March 2019 Measuring cell energy production to assess whole- and sub-cellular phenotypes Dr. Enrico Tatti
Horizon Discovery June 2019 From bench to bedside: Horizon Discovery supports therapeutic discovery and development Dr. Johanna De Castro Arce
Cisbio July 2019 HTRF Reagents and Custom Services for Life Science Research (Immunology, Oncology, Neuroscience and more) Dr. Sandra Gültner and Reiner Hein
Twist Bioscience February 2020 Future DNA technologies today

Internal Seminars/Courses

Team Time Tool/Technique Speaker
IMT October 2017 Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Dr. Matthias Schröder
DDC November 2017 CRISPR 101 (for beginners) Paris Roidos
TNA/ BMP March 2018 Generation of iPSCs/ differentiation into neurons and astrocytes Drs. Dolores Del Prete and David Schöndorf
OBD June 2018 Äkta – Protein Purification Dr. Balendu Avvaru
NBB December 2018 Electrochemical Techniques 101 Dr. Óscar Gutiérrez-Sanz
IAA January 2019 Graphic Design for Biologists Dr. John Lindner