Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Groups (SIG) are driven by BioMed X volunteers to facilitate the knowledge transfer amongst fellows and to foster networking with academic institutions and industry.

SIG Career Development

Fellowships at BioMed X are limited to a defined project term. During this period, all fellows focus their attention on outstanding biomedical research as well as personal growth in order to get ready for their next big challenge in academia, industry or a startup. The Special Interest Group “Career Development” is a grassroots initiative of BioMed X fellows organizing events and training courses to learn about different career paths, potential future employers and to acquire the necessary skills to take the next career step after their BioMed X project is completed.

SIG Tools and Methods

At the BioMed X Innovation Center, we are working with different state-ot-the-art research tools and methods, emerging from the different research projects. As a Special Interest Group driven by BioMed X volunteers, we continuously grow our internal spectrum of laboratory tools and methods and organize training courses and seminars on new technologies to broaden our scientific thinking and to improve the technical skill sets of our fellows.