Scientific Publications

BioMed X

    1. Betz UA, Tidona CA.
      Outcubation-where incubation meets outsourcing.
      Nat Biotechnol. 2015
    2. R&D meets the crowdscape – BioMed X looks outside for insight.
      In Vivo. 2019

Epigenetics and COPD (EAC)

  1. Llamazares Prada M, Espinet E, Mijosek V, Schwartz U, Waszak SM, Lutsik P, Tamas R, Richter M, Behrendt A, Pohl S, Benz N, Muley T, Warth A, Heussel CP, Winter H, Herth F, Mertens T, Karmouty-Quintana H, Koch I, Benes V, Korbel JO, Trumpp A, Wyatt D, Stahl H, Plass C, Jurkowska RZ.
    Versatile workflow for cell type resolved transcriptional and epigenetic profiles from cryopreserved human lung.
    bioRxiv. 2019

DNA Damage in Cancer (DDC)

  1. Serçin Ö, Reither S, Roidos P, Ballin N, Palikyras S, Baginska A, Rein K, Llamazares M, Halavatyi A, Winter H, Muley T, Jurkowska RZ, Abdollahi A, Zenke FT, Neumann B, Mardin BR.
    A solid-phase transfection platform for arrayed CRISPR screens.
    Mol Syst Biol. 2019

Tau-Mediated Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s Disease (TNA)

  1. Ercan E, Eid S, Weber C, Kowalski A, Bichmann M, Behrendt A, Matthes F, Krauss S, Reinhardt P, Fulle S, Ehrnhoefer DE.
    A validated antibody panel for the characterization of tau post-translational modifications.
    Molecular Neurodegeneration. 2017
  2. Schöndorf DC, Elschami M, Schieck M, Ercan-Herbst E, Weber C, Riesinger Y, Kalman S, Steinemann D, Ehrnhoefer DE.
    Generation of an induced pluripotent stem cell cohort suitable to investigate sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease.
    Stem Cell Res. 2018
  3. Behrendt A, Bichmann M, Ercan-Herbst E, Haberkant P, Schöndorf DC, Wolf M, Fahim SA, Murolo E, Ehrnhoefer DE.
    Asparagine endopeptidase cleaves tau at N167 after uptake into microglia.
    Neurobiol Dis. 2019
  4. Ercan-Herbst E, Ehrig J, Schöndorf DC, Behrendt A, Klaus B, Gomez Ramos B, Prat Oriol N, Weber C, Ehrnhoefer DE.
    A post-translational modification signature defines changes in soluble tau correlating with oligomerization in early stage Alzheimer’s disease brain.
    Acta Neuropathol Commun. 2019
  5. Miguel-Angel García-Chamé, Óscar Gutiérrez-Sanz, Ebru Ercan-Herbst, Natalie Haustein, Marcin S. Filipiak, Dagmar E. Ehrnhöfer, Alexey Tarasov
    A transistor-based label-free immunosensor for rapid detection of tau protein.
    Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 2020

Nanomaterial-Based Biosensors (NBB)

  1. Gutiérrez-Sanz Ó, Andoy NM, Filipiak MS, Haustein N, Tarasov A.
    Direct, Label-Free, and Rapid Transistor-Based Immunodetection in Whole Serum.
    ACS Sens. 2017
  2. Filipiak MS, Rother S, Andoy NM, Knudsen AC, Grimm S, Bachran C, Swee LK, Zaumseil J, Tarasov A.
    Highly sensitive, selective and label-free protein detection in physiological solutions using carbon nanotube transistors with nanobody receptors.
    ACS Sens. 2017
  3. Andoy NM, Filipiak MS, Vetter D, Gutiérrez-Sanz Ó, Tarasov A.
    Graphene-Based Electronic Immunosensor with Femtomolar Detection Limit in Whole Serum.
    Adv. Mater. Technol. 2018
  4. Haustein N, Gutiérrez-Sanz Ó, Tarasov A.
    Analytical model to describe the effect of poly-ethylene glycol on ionic screening of analyte charges in transistor-based immunosensing.
    ACS Sens. 2019
  5. Gutiérrez-Sanz Ó, Haustein N, Schroeter M, Oelschlaegel T, Filipiak MS, Tarasov A.
    Transistor-based immunosensing in human serum samples without on-site calibration.
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  6. Marcin S. Filipiak, Daniel Vetter, Kishan Thodkar, Oscar Gutiérrez-Sanz, Martin Jönsson-Niedziółka, Alexey Tarasov
    Electron transfer from FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase to single-sheet graphene electrodes.
    Electrochimica Acta. 2020
  7. Miguel-Angel García-Chamé, Óscar Gutiérrez-Sanz, Ebru Ercan-Herbst, Natalie Haustein, Marcin S. Filipiak, Dagmar E. Ehrnhöfer, Alexey Tarasov
    A transistor-based label-free immunosensor for rapid detection of tau protein.
    Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 2020

Selective Kinase Inhibitors (SKI)

  1. Volkamer A, Eid S, Turk S, Jaeger S, Rippmann F, Fulle S.
    The Pocketome of Human Kinases: Prioritizing the ATP binding sites of (yet) untapped protein kinases for drug discovery.
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Immunosuppressive Microenvironment of Tumors (IMT)

  1. Schröder M, Loos S, Naumann SK, Bachran C, Krötschel M, Umansky V, Helming L, Swee LK.
    Identification of inhibitors of myeloid-derived suppressor cells activity through phenotypic chemical screening.
    Oncoimmunology. 2016
  2. Bachran C, Schröder M, Conrad L, Cragnolini JJ, Tafesse FG, Helming L, Ploegh HL, Swee LK.
    The activity of myeloid cell-specific VHH immunotoxins is target-, epitope-, subset- and organ dependent.
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    Genetic screen in myeloid cells identifies TNF-α autocrine secretion as a factor increasing MDSC suppressive activity via Nos2 up-regulation.
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    Sortagging of liposomes with a murine CD11b-specific VHH increases in vitro and in vivo targeting specificity of myeloid cells.
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Metabolism and Signaling in Cancer (MSC)

  1. Ignashkova TI, Gendarme M, Peschk K, Eggenweiler HM, Lindemann RK, Reiling JH.
    Cell survival and protein secretion associated with Golgi integrity in response to Golgi stress-inducing agents.
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