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BioMed X Facts and Figures

BioMed X Innovation Center

Address: Im Neuenheimer Feld 583, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Phone: +49 6221 426 11 0



FTE: >60

Diversity: approx. 45 % male, 55 % female; >20 nationalities

Facilities: 1,500 sqm laboratory and office space

Founding year: 2013


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New innovation model (Betz & Tidona 2015: Nature Biotechnology 33, pp. 20-21):

  • World-wide publication of a very tough early R&D challenge (provided by pharma / biotech partner, on average BioMed X receives 400-600 project proposals from 40-60 countries per challenge);
  • Selection and invitation of the 15 best candidates to a 5-day boot camp in Heidelberg (purpose: heterogeneous team building, mentorship, conversion of outstanding ideas into well-designed project proposals);
  • Selection and relocation of three to five winning candidates for a 2- to 4-year fellowship at the BioMed X Innovation Center in Heidelberg (pharma / biotech partner financially supports its BioMed X research teams including overhead and management fee, all generated IP is transferred to pharma / biotech partner against payment of a pre-negotiated exit fee at the end of the project term).

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The BioMed X Innovation Center is an exciting new collaboration model at the interface between academia and industry. At our center, distinguished early career scientists recruited from all over the world work jointly on novel pre-clinical research projects in the fields of biomedicine, molecular biology, cell biology, diagnostics and consumer care. These interdisciplinary project teams conduct groundbreaking biomedical research in an open-innovation lab facility on the campus of the University of Heidelberg, under the guidance of experienced mentors from academia and industry, while expanding their scientific network and receiving intensive training in entrepreneurship and leadership. Each team is typically partnered by a corporate pharma or biotech partner of BioMed X. At the end of a fully funded project term, successful projects are either internalized into the development pipeline of the respective pharma or biotech partner or spun off into an independent start-up company.

BioMed X’s facilities are based in Heidelberg, Germany, and are embedded within the Life Science Campus Neuenheimer Feld, surrounded by such renowned research institutes as the University of Heidelberg, the German Cancer Research Center, the National Center for Tumor Diseases, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, the Center for Molecular Biology, Heidelberg University Hospital with 44 specialized clinical departments, and approximately 100 large and small life science companies.

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